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What we can offer

The below speeds are a minimum/maximum achievable and will be subject to properties such as line of sight between your property and our masts, tree growth and interference from other radio frequencies broadcast in your area


  • 10Mbps>20Mbps Download Speed
  • 2Mbps Upload
  • 250GB Download Limit- This is the equivalent of watching around 40 HD Films
  • Downloads between 10pm and 6am Don’t count towards your Limit
£25 month

  Work From Home

  • 15Mbps>24Mbps Download Speed
  • 2Mbps>10Mbps Upload Speed
  • Unlimited Download Limit
£35 month

  Business Package

  • 15Mbps>24Mbps Download Speed
  • 15Mbps>24Mbps Upload Speed
  • Unlimited Download Limit
  • Static IP’s available
  • Bespoke Packages Available upto 200Mbps up and down
£50 month